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URGENT: Immediately stop your forced Vaccination Program

Dear Dr Deveny,

Your policy to mandate the mRNA-based COVID-19 gene therapy devices as a condition of employment is an attack upon on your employees, and quite frankly upon the American way of life.  At this time none of the so-called “vaccines” are Approved by the FDA, only “authorized for emergency use”.  There are countless thousands of severe reactions logged into the CDC VAERS database, and even though Social and Mainstream Media companies try hard to suppress these facts, it certainly does not excuse someone in your position.  You could not possibly be ignorant of the danger of these solutions, the availability of much more stable alternatives, nor of the inflated impact to hospital systems that is derived directly from the COVID-19 virus (which, along with its ‘variants’, has yet to be actually isolated for traditional study).

Make no mistake: Your policy is an abomination to God, and to every single bit of human and moral decency known to mankind.  As long as you continue this policy, you and all of your Administrative staff are under the severe judgment of God.  It also goes against the very core of American philosophy on liberty enshrined in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.  You should immediately release whatever law firm presents legal advice to you, as once the mania of “COVID-19” is done, all that will be left are the highest laws of this land and the individual civil liberty rights of every employee your policy and your corporation has violated.

It is incomprehensible how we have come in roughly 16 months time from revering our “Front-line Workers”, to today people like you treating them like cattle.

End this insanity now. We the People are not stupid, and we know YOU are not stupid about the eminent danger to all humans who allow themselves to be living mRNA experiments for the financial gain of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and institutions like yours.

Dr Cliff Deveny

I am writing you in defense of the Summa employees that are being mandated to receive a vaccine that is currently not FDA-Approved, to maintain employemnt with Summa Health.  If Summa Health is willing to inform its employees of this requirement prior to the final FDA Approval, it gives me pause to consider the care I could receive as a patient. Would Summa Health make a rule that could adversely affect my health?  As a patient, could Summa Health mandate that I am given an injection of a drug before it has been fully Approved, if they are willing to require it of their own employees?

The CDC has reported thousands of cases of adverse reactions concerning the vaccine.  There as been a large portion of the public currently vaccinated, we know the acute issues with the vaccines, but are not yet aware of the long-term effects.  It is not the right, nor the responsibility of an employer to force this or any other drug in the body of their employees –FDA-Approved or not– to keep their job.  It is the responsibility of the individual to determine what is best for their body.  It is also irresponsible to expect your employees to find employment elsewhere, after spending years establishing their careers in the healthcare field at Summa Health.

Actions such as you’ve taken for Summa Health were the genesis of Ohio House Bill 248, as it was anticipated months back that corporations may try to mercilessly exert their massive influence over individual citizens: their employees.  As CEO of Summa Health, you should reconsider your position, as the Ohio State Legislature is currently convening an expedited Committee hearing on the Bill, in order to potentially hold companies civilly and/or criminally liable for the exact rules such as being mandated by Summa Health.

These vaccines do not prevent the contraction of the virus, or the transmission of it. The vaccines are available to anyone wishing to get them.  Please consider a redaction of this policy, as it is ethically corrupt to require it as a condition of employment, when so many have invested their careers with Summa Health.


John Doe
1111 Main St
City, OH 44111


1077 Gorge Blvd.
Akron, OH 44310