Americans Taking Action LLC is an Ohio organization dedicated to restoring the dream of liberty and freedom throughout the land. Founded by Damon M Appel, the goal is to restore God’s freedom to His people. In 2020, we experienced a landmark event in history, when the leaders of free nations across the world (including our own) suddenly ‘forgot’ their founding documents and the highest laws of the land.  Mayors, Councilmen, Governors and Presidents became totalitarian unibody governments unto themselves, issuing “mandates” most had no lawful authority to do.  And the People complied, driven into a perpetual state of fear which to this day has not significantly diminished.  The rule of law has been replaced with the ‘rule of responsibility’: A ruse for tyrants to implement the most horrific and unconstitutional violations of civil liberties and human rights the world hasn’t seen since 1940’s Germany.  The mantra of “Never Forget” was supplanted by “We’re all in this together” and “If we sacrifice just a little liberty now, we can get through this quicker.”  In the face of all this, those who remember the concepts of Liberty and Freedom enshrined in the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights and Amendments, can only do their best to take peaceful actions to redress for grievances and truly “work together” to restore the Nation we love, and in so doing protect the world from absolute tyranny. We must remember how to be Americans Taking Action.