Mount Carmel hospital System
Forced Employee Vaccination program

Let the ceo know this is evil

CEO Contact Information for Mount Carmel (a "Catholic" hospital)

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URGENT: Immediately stop your forced Vaccination Program

Dear Ms Lutton,

Your policy is an attack on your employees, and quite frankly upon the American way of life.  What makes this even more blatantly EVIL is that you claim to be a Catholic health system…which in turn would make you claim to be an institution of the Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, who would have no part in this.

Make no mistake: Your policy is an abomination to God, and to every single bit of human and moral decency known to mankind.  As long as you continue this policy, you and all of your Administration staff are under the severe judgment of God.

It is incomprehensible how we have come in roughly 16 months time from revering our “Front-line Workers”, to today people like you treating them like cattle.

End this insanity now. We the People are not stupid, and we know YOU are not stupid about the eminent danger to all humans who allow themselves to be living mRNA experiments for the financial gain of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and institutions like yours.


John Doe
1111 Main St
City, OH 44111