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  • (UPDATE 11:52a 2/3/22:  Due to inclement weather, it appears that the Committee Meeting has been postponed until Fri 2/18/22.)
  • (UPDATE 8:37p 2/3/22: Merged in data for missing districts/members from with the data.)


On Friday, 2/4/22 2/28/22, the Republican State Central Committee (governing body of the Ohio Republican Party) will hold their regular bi-monthly meeting. The problem is:  Chairman Bob Paduchik has ‘locked-out’ the public from attendance, exaggerating public outbursts at the prior 2 meetings as an excuse to keep the public ‘contained’ online.  This is AGAINST THE PARTY’S OWN BYLAWS.  Worse yet, the expectation is that THIS is the meeting where they will vote on whether or not to endorse incumbent candidates like DeWine, Yost, LaRose, etc. and/or establishment ‘favorites’ like Mandel or Timken for Senate.  This would give the unfair advantage of the Party’s vast resources (YOUR money, if you’re a Republican Party supporter) in the run-up to the May 3rd Primary election.

  • Don’t let them get away with this easy.  Call them out on this injustice.
  • NO ENDORSEMENTS prior to May 3rd, 2022!


TAKE ACTION:  Below is a single template email you can copy paste to ALL voting members of the Ohio Republican Party in ONE email.

  • Additionally, contact numbers* are available, if you wish to call/text.
  • (*Thanks to and their recent mailer, putting these all in one place.)


Dear Republican State Central Committee Members,

As Representatives of the people’s Party, it would absolutely be against the interests of Ohio Republican voters like myself if you were to give an unfair advantage to certain incumbents and favorites prior to the May 3rd Primary, by voting to endorse them on Friday, 2/18/22. With 4 Gubernatorial candidates and at least 10 US Senate candidates in the running for the Republican nomination this Primary, it would be the epitome of unfairness to prematurely throw weight behind select candidates now.

President Donald Trump said on Nov 16, 2021: “Who will be running for Governor of the Great State of Ohio? Will be hotly contested!” Will you now cripple that contest, and lay the Ohio Party’s money and weight behind Governor DeWine, who has also the worst record on ‘republicanism’ in the history of Ohio: having enforced “Lockdowns”, put businesses in untenable and costly situations leading many to their demise, and having enforced months of masking that the Republican-majority General Assembly had to take action to stop?

Likewise, Secretary of State Frank LaRose did not act with Conservative or Republican values when he illegally shut down the Primary Election of 3/17/2020, and allowed mass-scale mail-in voting.

Neither has Attorney General Dave Yost come to the defense of Ohioans against DeWine’s overreach, nor LaRose’s election violations. He famously put the name of our Great State of Ohio AGAINST the Texas Election lawsuit which could have secured our Republican President Trump’s actual election results, which the tally of Ohio voters aligned with.

Will you do this under the color of secrecy and exclusivity, with Chairman Paduchik already having skirted the Party’s own Bylaw (Article V, Meetings, Section 3) by ‘locking out’ the public from Friday’s proceedings, under false pretenses and exaggerations of interruptions at the prior meeting?

We, as fellow Republicans EXPECT YOU to act by the republican principles upon which our Nation, State and Party were founded upon.

NO SECRET VOTES by public officials like you.

Let your fellow Republican voters DECIDE on May 3rd. It’s the entire reason why a PRIMARY exists.


John Doe
1111 Main St
City, OH 44111
DistrictCityComm. MemberCell Phone
SCC1FindlayBob Campbell(567) 208-6423
SCC2Ottawa HillsMark Wagoner(419) 531-0487
SCC2Ottawa HillsDee Talmage(419) 535-1605
SCC3ReynoldsburgBrad McCloud(614) 561-4526
SCC3ReynoldsburgJo Ann Davidson(614) 203-0308
SCC4West ChesterGary Cates(513) 602-1932
SCC4West ChesterPatti Alderson(513) 779-0055
SCC5ConoverSteven Bruns(937) 877-0012
SCC5TroyMary Beth Kemmer(937) 216-9443
SCC6CentervilleJudy Westbrock(937) 470-5005
SCC7CincinnatiBob McEwen(513) 257-2259
SCC7CincinnatiMichelle Schneider(513) 703-9519
SCC8CincinnatiAlex Triantafilou(513) 535-5220
SCC8CincinnatiMary Anne Christie(513) 703-0236
SCC9CincinnatiJim McNulty(513) 503-8080
SCC9CincinnatiLinda Matthews(513) 652-5468
SCC10DaytonSteve Austria(937) 609-8355
SCC10SpringfieldLaura Rosenberger(937) 624-9123
SCC11ToledoDonna Owens(419) 304-1945
SCC12LimaKeith Cheney(419) 234-2896
SCC12North StarKatie DeLand(937) 424-7086
SCC13LorainDavid Arrendondo(440) 315-7812
SCC13NorwalkPatty Stein(419) 677-5333
SCC14MilfordGreg Simpson(513) 678-8249
SCC14MilfordGloria Martin(513) 833-4955
SCC15GahanaJim Burgess(614) 274-9499
SCC16ColumbusMark Bainbridge(614) 560-7357
SCC16Upper ArlingtonSusie O’Brien(614) 560-4070
SCC17WilmingtonTim Inwood(937) 725-2965
SCC17WaverlyBonnie Ward(740) 835-1539
SCC18Auburn TwpMary O’Toole(440) 623-9077
SCC19ColumbusJack Etheridge(614) 268-8044
SCC19PowellMelanie Leneghan(614) 975-9454
SCC20ZanesvillePat Hennessey(740) 819-0013
SCC20Baltimore HeightsAngela White(614) 562-2569
SCC21Baltimore HeightsJoe Miller(216) 659-9000
SCC21ClevelandSusan Rodman(216) 272-6147
SCC22MedinaJo Ann Campbell(330) 590-3771
SCC23LakewoodRobert Frost(216) 534-6346
SCC23ParmaDoris Peters(216) 659-3362
SCC24StrongsvilleShannon Burns(440) 263-2915
SCC24Highland HeightsLucy Stickan(440) 759-2551
SCC25Pepper PikeDan Carter(216) 224-2198
SCC25TimberlakeDenise Verdi(440) 622-6611
SCC26MarysvilleLisa Cooper(614) 420-6912
SCC27FairlawnBryan Williams(614) 359-4846
SCC27CopleyKayla Atchison(330) 631-4147
SCC28AkronJim Simon(330) 256-3870
SCC28UniontownDebbie Carr(330) 475-6713
SCC29North CantonCurt Braden(330) 284-2058
SCC29AllianceSarah Brown(330) 206-7723
SCC30St ClairsvilleJim Carnes(740) 359-1618
SCC30MariettaLeeAnn Johnson(740) 350-5080
SCC31New PhiladelphiaDoug Wills(330) 340-5979
SCC31ColumbusBetty Montgomery(614) 205-7883
SCC32JeffersonCasy O’Brien(440) 294-2811
SCC32AshtabulaMelissa Pope(440) 969-4249
SCC33SalemDave Johnson(330) 831-8698
SCC33ColumbianaMonica Robb Blasdel(330) 727-0555