HB248 would stop the vaccine mandate madness!

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BACKGROUND: HB248 was introduced by Ohio State Rep. Jennifer Gross in April of 2021. The Ohio House Health Committee, under the “leadership” of (RINOs) Chairman Rep. Scott Lipps and House Speaker Rep. Bob Cupp of Lima, has deliberately held back this bill from a Floor vote.  Had this been passed in the Spring, Ohioans would never have known the insanity we see today, with thousands and maybe millions of people being forced by their employers to choose between taking the experimental* mRNA-based vaccines or lose their jobs.  HB248 would also end discrimination based upon vaccine choice.  So, this means that government entities and businesses in Ohio would not be able to enforce ‘different standards’ (masks, testing, ID cards) on those who choose not to take a vaccine.  Since, as we’ve seen, Big Pharma is already experimenting with mRNA in Flu and standard vaccines, it is important that HB248 guarantees the freedom to decline ANY vaccine, without fear of repercussion.

*In a typical FDA ‘shell game’, in August they “approved” Pfizer’s concoction under the trade name “Comirnaty”.  Comirnaty will not be marketed or produced, as far as anyone can tell, until 2023 (when the normal 2+ years of trial have passed).  The Pfizer product on the market today is still only the one under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) and is NOT the branded Comirnaty product.

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** SIGN DISCHARGE! HB248 MUST get to the Floor for a Vote **

Dear Representatives,
There is no more important legislation for the General Assembly to consider than HB248. If, in returning to Session, you think debating or voting on some finance bill is “something”, it is NOT. You’re just ‘playing’. –Playing with the lives of everyday Ohioans who are being forced against their will by their employers, in a gross violation of civil liberties, to inject an experimental substance into their bodies, in order to retain employment.
YOU CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER for the ineffectual Chairman Lipps of the House Health Committee, or for the abject failure your Speaker Cupp has been, to protect the rights of everyday Ohioans… including the Front Line workers in our health care systems, who we shut the State down for in March 2020.
You MUST sign the discharge petition TODAY and pressure Chairman Lipps and Speaker Cupp to *DO THEIR JOBS*. And then, when it’s finally on the House Floor, YOU MUST VOTE YES, and amend this to be passed as EMERGENCY LEGISLATION.
HB248 eliminates all of the medical discrimination and chaos that our corrupt Governor has literally encouraged, every step of the way: cheering-on, as businesses fight businesses, and Ohioans fight Ohioans.
Do not be foolish and think that “the rights of a business” can ever supercede the rights of an individual (as an excuse to do nothing). Re-read the Declaration of Independence, if you need, and the Bill of Rights.
HB248 MUST BE PASSED ASAP. It will stop the lawlessness in Ohio today. It will also put in checkmate any unconstitutional actions and mandates announced or planned by the Federal Government.


John Doe
1111 Main St
City, OH 44111

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