It's not HB248, but if they can fix this COVID-vaccine-only Bill, it may be an "ok" stop-gap

Tell the Ohio general Assembly to fix hb218 **NOW**

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We need to ACT IMMEDIATELY to ensure that the OH Senate fixes a few glaring problems with HB218 which House Republicans just passed on Thurs 11/18. Even with these, is HB218 perfect? — No. It only covers C-19 V’s, and it expires in a few years.

LOOK: We have many people in the medical field about to lose their jobs, and this bill would also prevent any business from requiring proof for entry.

Let’s get some tweaks done to HB218, get it passed, and BUY TIME for the HB248 petition to get onto the ballot and written into Ohio Constitutional law. Sadly, unless we show up in the THOUSANDS at the Ohio Capitol to demand HB248, I don’t think the GA has the courage to pass it.

FOREMOST what we all need right now is a Bill that CAN pass, pass QUICKLY as “emergency” legislation, AND survive a veto override.

Please email and/or call your Reps and Senators EVERY DAY. INSTRUCTIONS AND EMAIL TEMPLATE, BELOW.

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Dear Senators and Representatives,
There are 5 tweaks we need you to make to the HB218 legislation passed by the House on the 18th, otherwise it is WORSE than what we have today:

1) Make Religious Exemptions APPLY to Students and Health Care workers in Children’s Hospitals and Intensive or Critical care workers.
2) Restrict Courts from requiring proof of vaccination FOR ANY REASON.
3) Make this EMERGENCY legislation to get this passed BEFORE many lose jobs in the next 2 weeks.
4) Make this apply to any gene-based vaccine REGARDLESS of Approval or Authorization status.

5) Do NOT give more power to the ODH.

If you attempt to pass this bill without FIXING these egregious elements, We the People WILL NOT FORGET how you senselessly carved-out protecting certain key constituents. (This goes the same for House Republicans.)


John Doe
1111 Main St
City, OH 44111

<Info forthcoming>